_MG_7809At present the Community of St Anselm is only open to applicants between 20 and 35 years old. There are two reasons for this:

  • By focussing on adults at the beginning of early in their careers or ministries, Archbishop Justin Welby hopes the Community will help reintroduce a lifestyle of contemplative prayer and spiritual formation to a generation which, by and large, has never experienced it.
  • By gathering young adults from around the world, the Community will be bringing together people who may have very little common ground other than their love for Jesus. Being in a roughly similar stage of life (20-35 is still a wide span in that regard) will help people relate to one another as brothers and sisters.

There are a wide variety of other Communities from across the streams and traditions in the UK; some have a rich history going back generations, while some are newer, experimental kinds of Community. You can find out more about the traditional forms of monastic or Religious Life in the Church of England here.

Other, non-traditional communities include –

L’Arche UK Home and Locations

Chemin Neuf UK Home and Locations

Church Army
Church Mission Society
Community of Aidan and Hilda
Contemplative Fire
Holy Rood House Community

Moot Community
Sisters of Jesus Way
The Northumbria Community
The Order of Anglican Cistercians
The Order of the Black Sheep
The Order of the Companions of Martha and Mary
The Order of the Sisters of Jesus