The Community of St Anselm is made up of people from all over the world and all over the church. These people will live together in close proximity for almost a year (for residents), and share deeply in one another’s lives and experiences on a regular basis (for non-residents).

It’s very important to put together a Community each year that is diverse and cohesive. This is not an easy task! We put together the Community in a number of ways:

  1. Our panel of Stage 1 Reviewers take time to consider each application and make a recommendation to the Community’s Core Team as to whether an applicant is eligible for community membership, and whether they think membership in this particular Community is right for the applicant. Our Reviewers all have experience of community life or significant pastoral experience and come from a range of backgrounds. Each application is independently reviewed by three separate reviewers in confidence.  If an applicant doesn’t get through Stage 1 Review, it might mean they are not eligible or that on balance the reviewers feel that membership in this Community is not the right way forward. About 40-50% of applications usually go forward from this stage.
  2. The second stage gives applicants the chance to reflect more deeply on their own journey of faith and sense of call. Sometimes this is the first time that applicants have had this opportunity! We hope that this stage of the application is valuable in its own right as a reflective exercise. Stage 2 applications are all reviewed by members of the core leadership team.
  3. Some applicants will be invited to interview. This is so we can get to know you in person – usually by Skype (we do some face-to-face interviews for those who can get to London).
  4. Around late April/early May we will put together the final residential Community, send out invitations to Membership and start the visa process for those who need it. Non-Residential applications continue on a rolling basis until the late Spring, or until the cohort is full.