Ever wondered what it might look like to go deeper with God as you go further in your career? What your daily working life might look like if the presence of God were really at the centre of it all? How would decisions, relationships and priorities change?

Anders Litzell, Prior of the Community of St Anselm – a diverse community of prayer for young adults based at Lambeth Palace – recently sat down with four non-resident Community members who are taking a year to explore just that.

The Community’s non-resident members address a crucial question for the renewal of prayer and the spiritual life in the Church: how to maintain a living, authentic faith in everyday life, whether that be at work in accountancy or policymaking or hairdressing or medicine or any other of the many sectors our members represent, at home or in leisure time.

Since their ten-month journey began in September, the non-resident members have begun to think and share deeply about these issues and about how a joyful life of prayer and service can be sustained both as a gathered community and dispersed throughout London and beyond.

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