_mg_7827The Community Rule shapes our common life in the Community of St Anselm. You can download a PDF copy of the Rule here.

Read the Rule of Life

The outworking of these principles in detail will differ between residents and non-residents. For residents, we learn together how every aspect of our daily life is becoming more Christ-shaped as we listen attentively to the Holy Spirit, to one another and to the Rule of Life. The community members together may choose to adjust certain details of how the Rule is worked out in daily life during the year, but the principles of the document are non-negotiable. For non-residents, the outworking of the Rule in their daily life will be discovered in partnership with a Spiritual Companion.

Plenty of these details will be challenging, and some are deeply counter-cultural (though, since members may come from the whole world, some practices may be counter-cultural to some members but not others).

Members will consider these items in different light: something that is an obvious expression of a Christian lifestyle to someone may be a very challenging act of sacrifice or obedience for another. Regardless our perspective, we are united by living by the common Rule.