The Community of St. Anselm has relocated to Canterbury this week to pray for the Primates of the Anglican Communion as they meet together.

Why not join us as we simply pray for Primates

One of our Alumni wrote the following reflection last week about the experience of praying for Primates in 2015 under the title: ‘Longing for wholeness’

“In January 2016, the Community of St Anselm was invited to be a praying presence at the Anglican Primates meeting. This meeting brought together the Primates from all over the Anglican Communion for a week of conversation, prayer, disagreement and agreement in Canterbury, England. It was a powerful experience to be alongside the Bishops as they discussed contentious issues, global and regional needs and the best faithful responses as members gathered in the name of Christ.

As one person praying that week, I cannot quiet the longing within as the next Primates meeting approaches. Before this experience, I had prayed for others when they were feeling poorly, times were tough or someone was looking for clarity but I had not experienced prayer like that at the Primates meeting. It was a praying with all of myself, and I wasn’t even in the room with them. The longing for hearing the Holy Spirit’s call to peace, love and continued relationship was nearly overwhelming. It was a special experience to see leaders of Provinces from all around the world together, representing their entire community while at the same time just a person who also comes before God in humility, prayer, need and blessing. It was an extraordinary example that God is One who is incarnate and these men, human as they are, are also carrying in them, the hope of Christ’s Church today.

As the Primate’s meeting approaches, my prayer is that the Primates gathered (and any that are with them) hear and listen to the Holy Spirit guiding them. I pray they do not forget those they represent who desire peace and love, and need justice and comfort. I pray that Christ be known to each one of them and through one another. May egos be set aside for the greater vision of the kingdom of heaven which is not here yet, but that we, as Anglicans and followers of Jesus Christ, look towards and are called to work towards.”

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