This is a way of saying ‘I want my life, whatever I do – business, commerce, armed services, politics…. to be so embedded in Christ that for the rest of my life I am shaped in what I do, say and think by the life of Christ within me.’ Archbishop Justin Welby

You’re committed to making a difference at work, or wherever you are. Or you’re not sure where you should be, and would like to learn to listen to God a bit more closely. You know there’s more – you’ve heard rumours about other ways of ‘doing God’ and you’re curious – or you’ve got big questions that you’d like to spend time thinking about.

You are drawn to community, and want to know a bit more about what that means.

You might even be curious about monastic rhythms of life and be thinking about trying it out, for a little while.

The Community of St Anselm is inviting young UK professionals to join as Nonresident Members of the Community for one year of prayer, study and service that sits alongside and enriches their professional lives. It’s an opportunity to explore how a life of prayer and spiritual formation can increase our impact as followers of Christ in every sector of society, alongside fellow Community Members from many different cultures and many different expressions of Christian faith.

Ben's quote
Drawing on the idea of Benedictine balance, members seek to integrate a deepening engagement with prayer and service to the poor with a busy working life.

Here’s what to expect as part of Nonresident membership:

  • Community evenings on Monday nights at Lambeth Palace – always food, often teaching from a world-class theologian or practitioner, extended times of praise and worship, or Sharing Group
  • Fortnightly meetings with a Spiritual Companion
  • Community Days (one Saturday per month)
  • 3 week-long residential retreats exploring:
    •  The person and work of the Holy Spirit
    • Developing discernment through the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius
    • Vocation and working life
  • Volunteering with a local project engaging with those vulnerable and in need (many Non-Residents volunteer through their own local church)
  • Daily personal prayer and Bible reading
  • Regular Sunday worship in a local church

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