Find out more about life in the Community of St Anselm


There will be a teaching curriculum built on study of the Bible. It will be specially designed to help the members of the community develop in faith, grow in understanding of self and each other, and engage deeply with contemporary and historical issues in the Church and society. There will specific contributions from experts in particular fields of special interest.

Prayer and worship 

Prayer is to the church like breathing is to the body. The community will share a pattern of regular prayer, specially adapted so that non-resident members be able to join in a fellowship of prayer in the middle of the working day.


Sixteen community members will live at Lambeth Palace, participating on a full-time basis in community life here. This residential community will eat, pray, study, serve and worship together under a Rule of Life. Many of these residential community members will come from overseas.


Forty non-residential community members will eat, pray, study and work with the residential community members. The commitment will be one evening a week and two weekends a month. There will also be two or three full retreat weeks during the year.

Non-resident members will probably have an occupation or be studying in the Greater London area, and will be encouraged to donate towards the living and study expenses of residential community members.

What do we mean by ‘service’?

Living in the centre of London, in north Lambeth, community members will be working with other local charities and agencies, engaging with the poor and marginalised, with those in need, both in the immediate area and further afield.

We will follow the Franciscan insight that transformation into Christ-likeness is inseparable from sacrificially serving others, especially the poor. As a residential community member, you will be engaged at least one day each week in some form of local service project.

Every residential member has service duties within the community – whether that is cleaning, cooking, ironing, gardening, etc. Lambeth Palace has large gardens and the community will be growing some of its own produce.