How the Community of St Anselm is supported

Providing an intensive, immersive and high-quality experience such as the Community of St Anselm comes at a substantial cost. The Community is a self-supporting part of Archbishop Justin’s overall ministry.  The main costs are for the buildings we use and the people who make the Community programme run. Many areas are already covered by the generosity and commitment of friends and partners who are giving some of their very best and most able people to bless this Community by their service, love and experience.

Financial Contribution from Members

Each member is expected to make a sacrificial gift to the Community towards the provision of his or her place and also to express the value the member puts on this experience. Sacrifice – especially financial/material sacrifice – has always been a part of monastic spirituality and is an important spiritual discipline. If you are accepted into Community membership, one of our pastoral team will liaise with you about setting sacrificial but realistic goals for fundraising and personal contributions towards a proportion of the costs of your membership. We realise that some members may be  able to cover their own expenses entirely – and may wish to further help the Community to support those from less advantaged economic backgrounds during their membership year. We expect this might be true especially for non-residential members, who keep their own jobs and streams of income.

Financial Contribution from Friends and Sponsors

We recognise that for some, and many from less privileged backgrounds, the most sacrificial gift may fall far short of the level needed to cover costs for that community member’s participation. We do not want a lack of money to prevent anyone from applying, or participating as a member, and we will work with each member – as well as with potential donors and partners – to seek funding to cover any shortfall.

The costs to run the community are (for the period Sept 2018 – June 2019):

  • For each non-resident member: £4,850
  • For each resident member (including meals and accommodation): £15,000

Contributions can be made by a direct gift, by fund-raising, by instalments and in other suitable ways. This will be discussed with each prospective member at the appropriate time. The Community of St Anselm is a registered UK charity (#1161185) and entitled to claim Gift Aid on UK individual third-party donations. We are working with partner charities to ensure that donations from overseas (especially from the US) are tax efficient. A printable Gift Aid declaration form is available.