Becoming a Resident or Non-Resident Member of the Community means making a ten-month commitment to being shaped by living a shared life, learning to love people very different to ourselves. This particular way of following Christ is not for the faint-hearted – but it is richly rewarding and deeply transformative. So our applications process involves a lot of what many religious traditions call ‘discernment’ – the prayerful consideration of a particular life decision that happens between you, your pastor or a trusted Christian leader and members of our Core Team.

Creating a profile on our online applications platform is the first step in a process that will take some months to complete and will require thought and prayer as we put together next year’s Community. But we invite you to begin this journey of discernment with us – who knows where God will lead you as you reflect on his calling to become more like Jesus!

To apply, please visit this website.

Before you start your application, please:

Are you applying from overseas? 

If you are applying from outside the United Kingdom, please read this information.

Apply using paper forms 

If you need the application form in paper format, please email: stanselm@lambethpalace.org.uk and we’ll post you the forms. Please note we encourage everyone to use the online form, and the paper option is only for those are unable to use this method for whatever reason.