Drawing on the expertise and teaching experience of the Archbishop’s advisory team and external lecturers, the Archbishop and the Prior are putting together a curriculum of Bible teaching and reflection.

The curriculum will be designed to help the members of the Community develop in faith, grow in understanding of Christ, of themselves and each other, and engage deeply with contemporary and historical issues in the Church and society. There will also be contributions from experts in particular fields of interest.

The curriculum will be delivered in an atmosphere and expectation of deep spiritual formation and draws on the ancient wisdom of monastic pioneers; thus we hope that it will be accessible to all, from those with no theological training at all and those with an advanced degree in theology.

Key lectures will be on those evenings and weekends when the whole Community gathers together at Lambeth Palace. Residential and Non-residential members will then spend the week ‘unpacking’ the concepts in different ways.

Throughout the week, all Community members follow the Community’s pattern of Bible reading (with whole-community Q&A sessions once a month), and other resources to help you explore different modes or methods of prayer that can be used ‘on the go’ during your day.


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