Each member, whether Residential or Non-residential, will be part of a small sharing group of about 8 people. For Residential members, these small groups will have some meals together throughout the week and will meeting one evening a week; for Non-residential members these sharing groups will meet every few weeks and also share a short residential retreat together.

Everyone will also have a spiritual ‘companion’ – a mature Christian (a senior member of Community staff, a member of the Community of Chemin Neuf or similar) who will journey alongside you during the year, providing encouragement, a listening ear and – just occasionally – some careful counsel. Each member must ultimately decide how far to go with God during the year; a spiritual companion and small group are there to provide the strength, encouragement and friendship that each person needs to get there.

The whole community meets together every Monday evening and on average one Saturday a month at Lambeth Palace for teaching, food, worship and fellowship.  Since we are going on a shared journey, it is important that Community members are available for the shared community time – we understand that emergencies do arise but missing even one session could mean that missing a vital key to growth and deprive others in the sharing group or the wider community of each other’s presence, experience and prayer. Similarly, the retreats – some of which will be residents/non-residents only but most of which we will take together – are important moments in the life of the whole community and usually profoundly significant in the lives of individual members and each prospective member should carefully consider whether they will be able to fully commit to these times.


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