lambeth palace

Lambeth Palace, which is a busy office as well as the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury, runs on prayer. Three services are held each day where staff gather to pray and worship – joined by the Archbishop, unless he is elsewhere.

From this symbolic place within the global Anglican Communion, prayers are offered daily for peace and justice around the world.

Archbishop Justin has declared the renewal of prayer and ‘Religious life’ throughout the church as the first priority of his ministry. This involves encouraging all Christians to deepen their relationship with God in Jesus Christ through prayer. It also means supporting new and established monastic communities which are devoted to simple lives of work, study and prayer (this is sometimes called ‘the Religious life’).

Earlier this year the Archbishop invited four members of Chemin Neuf, a Roman Catholic community with an ecumenical vocation, to live and pray at Lambeth Palace. The Community of St Anselm will live and pray alongside Chemin Neuf each day.

The Community of St Anselm will become an integral part of the life of prayer at Lambeth Palace. The Archbishop expects this initiative to transform not only its participants, but his own ministry and also the wider church – through the commitment and energy and empowerment of young people from around the Anglican Communion and beyond.